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We at Sebastian The Dog believe that our four-legged best friends deserve to eat premium, all-natural dog biscuits that improve their health while tasting great at the same time. We’ve developed all-natural, vegan dog biscuits that fit your dog’s active lifestyle — they’ll give your pooch better digestion, healthier waste, along with improved skin health.

Whether you are interested in our fresh breath dog biscuits, our peanut butter and fruits dog biscuits, or our veggie dog biscuits, each kind will be vegan, gluten and grain-free, human-grade, all-natural, contain no added preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and is comprised of ingredients made right here in the USA! All of our veggie dog biscuits are free of soy, wheat, corn, fillers, animal by-products, and are baked daily using the freshest ingredients available.

Life Is PAWsome!

We are all about giving dogs the great-tasting, gourmet dog biscuits they deserve. But we don’t think you should have to pay a paw and a leg to get premium, all-natural dog treats! That’s why we keep our prices affordable and offer free shipping on all orders over $49. Whether you go with our peanut butter and fruits dog treats, veggie dog biscuits, or our fresh breath dog treats, your pooch is gonna be in heaven! Buy your vegan dog treats from Sebastian The Dog today!